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Météore, the perfume of the heavens signed Louis Vuitton
Météore, the perfume of the heavens signed Louis Vuitton

Météore, a new crystalline composition signed Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is famous the world over for its prestigious and luxurious universe of leather goods. Indeed, the brand has accompanied travelers for many decades, with containers that are always refined and elegant, designed by hand, in the purest respect for tradition. However, it is precisely this love for travel and for beautiful raw materials that also resurfaces in its fragrances. This time, in 2020, Louis Vuitton signs a crystalline and refined composition. Aimed at men, Météore is a call to escape, coming from September.

Météore, a fragrance inspired by travel

Météore is a new juice that joins the male line of Louis Vuitton Perfumes, initiated in 2018 by Immensity, New World, Orage, Sur la Route and Au Hasard, juices evoking all the emotions that one feels when the Are we going on a trip. Here, once again, with Météore, it is about the desire for adventure and escape. It must be said that travel has always deeply inspired the Louis Vuitton brand. The continuous movement nourishes the mind and the body, giving birth here to a multitude of scented compositions. Escapes to the four corners of the world also leave an eternal imprint in memory, like so many suspended moments that inspire creativity. However, it is precisely all these elements that infuse the Météore fragrance. Because the spirit of travel has always been in the DNA of the brand itself, Météore comes to symbolize on its own different places, whether imaginary or real. “Its magnetic name evokes the power of light”. Météore by Louis Vuitton is a perfume that “connects heaven to earth in an elegant, modern and borderless spirit”.

Météore by Louis Vuitton, an infinitely fresh fragrance

Météore de Louis Vuitton owes its existence to the perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who worked here in his workshop in Grasse, using notes of citrus fruits from his region such as bergamot, tangerine or orange. The whole is also contrasted with fresh spices. Météore contains in particular cardamom from Guatemala and nutmeg from Indonesia. Woods also complete its recipe, as if to structure the whole. Java vetiver is obtained here by a specific distillation which eliminates its smoky notes while amplifying its amber flavor. Finally, the grapefruit reinforces its slight bitterness. “Here, freshness is not only a starting point, it becomes a major vector, a backbone around which all the other elements orchestrate and intertwine”, specifies its creator.
Like all the perfumes in the collection, Météore by Louis Vuitton comes in a very refined bottle. Here, its glass is lightened and the time has come for simplicity. Designed by designer Marc Newston, this bottle bet on purity. Here, no frills have their place, except a small drop of water suspended in its base. For Météore, this bottle is offered a new gray blue shade of the most elegant.