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Mal-Aimé de Parfum d'Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato's nod to the Corsican maquis
Mal-Aimé de Parfum d’Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s nod to the Corsican maquis

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato is a demanding creator of Parfum d’Empire , whose fragrances all come from a unique universe, often deploying an intense trail, a true tribute to nature. Of Corsican origin, this nose never misses an opportunity to give a nod to the Mediterranean region. This time, at the start of 2021, he evokes the Corsican maquis under a whole new facet. For the very first time, he dares to use a raw material never before used in perfumery: inula. Its fragrance is called Mal-Aimé and pays homage to weeds, plants to which Marc-Antoine Corticchiato wishes to restore the letters of nobility.

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato chooses to use weeds, a daring choice

“Weeds: I think that’s an unfair name, because they are often benevolent and can have beneficial virtues for health, like inula or nettle. Moreover, I never had the heart to eliminate the plans of wild inula which grow in my garden in the middle of the maquis ”, confides Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Firmly determined to right this injustice, the creator this time decided to honor all these weeds in a perfume. Mal-Aimé is therefore fully part of the register of confidential perfumery, placing at the center of everything ingredients usually disdained by men. Here, weeds are no longer left on the sidelines. They singularly reveal all their nobility. Mal-Aimé de Parfum d’Empire is a departure from traditional perfumery,

Mal-Aimé by Parfum d’Empire, a very herbaceous juice

Mal-Aimé is presented in the usual bottle of Parfum d’Empire, recognizable by its cylindrical shape, its refined spirit and its minimalist side. Here, its bottle is tinged with green, both in terms of its fragrance, its cap and its label. So, are you really hiding that weed-based scent? Mal-Aimé contains one of the most emblematic plants of the Corsican maquis: inula. For the very first time, this fragrant plant rich in relief is used in perfumery. Aesthetically, it is a clump of yellow flowers, giving rise to an essential oil. Here, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s inula is certified organic. Let yourself be enchanted by its rose scent and honeyed sweetness. Mal-Aimé de Parfum d’Empire deploys a solar breath, revealing itself in turn woody, salty or musky. Along with inula, other plants are used, such as thistles, nettles, brambles and roots. More than ever, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato surprises, while once again paying tribute to his native Corsica.

Mal-Aimé by Parfum d’Empire, a fragrance tribute to Lucien Acquerone

By its puzzling side, Mal-Aimé de Parfum d’Empire also pays tribute to one of the greatest friends of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, a true adventurer: Lucien Acquerone. Having left too early, he was Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s “maquis accomplice”, and the creator likes to think that Lucien Acquerone “” from up there must be laughing, cup in hand, green and sparkling eye. Green like the essence of inula and sparkling like his favorite champagne ”.