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L'Air du Temps in Paris at Antoinette Poisson, the historical fragrance of Nina Ricci put back in the spotlight
L’Air du Temps in Paris at Antoinette Poisson, the historical fragrance of Nina Ricci put back in the spotlight

Perfumery is an art that is constantly renewing itself, giving birth to new while also sometimes reinterpreting old and historical fragrances. Today, it is precisely in this second niche that Nina Ricci has chosen to position itself . The brand has decided to put forward one of its greatest perfumes: L’Air du Temps, initially designed in 1948. In collaboration with the house A Paris at Antoinette Poisson, this one offers itself a new bottle, while perfumer Calice Becker transforms her initial scent.

L’Air du Temps, an essence dating from 1948

The first version of L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci was conceived after the Second World War. Perfect testimony to this period of renewal, it is considered one of the most emblematic species of the last century. Signed Francis Fabron, in collaboration with Robert Ricci, it was a floral and spicy juice, based on jasmine, rose, gardenia and carnation. Light and radiant, it was a complete break with the very heady fragrances of its time. On the bottle side, it was also beautiful, in a Lalique crystal box, topped with two doves, a symbol of peace and freedom. Today, it is with joy and refinement that Nina Ricci reveals the new limited edition of L’Air du Temps.

Nina Ricci collaborates with A Paris at Antoinette Poisson

To develop this limited edition, Nina Ricci has chosen to work with another great French house: In Paris at Antoinette Poisson. Founded in 2012, this brand gives pride of place to typically French know-how. This one reappropriates a forgotten profession: decoration with domino paper. More concretely, it is a decorative technique dating from the 18th century, and consisting in printing decorative papers, a kind of wallpaper, using engraved wooden blocks. Then, once the printing is finished, these papers are highlighted by hand or stenciled by the addition of color.
For the new edition of L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson has chosen to decorate its bottle with dominoté paper in a toile de Jouy style, in a monochrome golden yellow decor drawing doves. Obviously, this is a nod to the initial bottle of L’Air du Temps.

L’Air du Temps in Paris at Antoinette Poisson, a luminous composition by Calice Becker

To renew her scent, Nina Ricci called on the perfumer Calice Becker, who chose to intoxicate us with a more sparkling and creamy scent. With L ‘ Air du Temps in Paris at Antoinette Poisson , it all starts with a dazzling and sparkling start of pink berries and yuzu. The heart of this perfume, for its part, is more floral. It contains a trio of tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang. All round, it is finally enveloped in a creamier sandalwood and a powerful musk.