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CK One Summer 2021, Calvin Klein offers us a very refreshing summer scent
CK One Summer 2021, Calvin Klein offers us a very refreshing summer scent

Born in the mid-90s, in the midst of a wave of freshness, CK One by Calvin Klein can boast of having conquered the hearts of thousands of teenagers to become a cult perfume. Symbol of an entire generation, it advocates authenticity, sharing and generosity. As proof, it is aimed at both men and women. To celebrate its 10 years of existence, Calvin Klein decided to develop a summer edition. Since then, it has been a real tradition, which is no exception in the year 2021. Focus on the new CK One Summer 2021.

Calvin Klein’s summer fragrances, a long-standing tradition

It all started in 2004, when Calvin Klein had the idea of ​​creating a limited edition of his cult perfume, in a more summery version. This limited edition immediately delighted collectors and lovers of this fragrance. However, this perfume only appeared for a season. Since that day, Calvin Klein has made it a tradition. Each spring, the brand presents us with a new perfume, to come a few months later, to perfume on hot summer days. Each of these juices is always eagerly awaited. If you are eager to find out what awaits you in 2021, you have come to the right place …

The turquoise and customizable bottle of CK One Summer 2021

CK One Summer 2021 uses the usual bottle of its predecessors, a kind of glass gourd, inspired by a flask of Jamaican rum. Recognizable among all with its iconic screw cap, this bottle adopts a sober and fine silhouette, neither feminine nor masculine. This time, in 2021, CK One is covered with a gradient evolving from pale green to light blue, like the turquoise water of a paradisiacal lagoon. Thus, it immediately plunges us into an exotic elsewhere. Its name, CK One Summer 2021, stretches irregularly, like letters seen through water. Finally, note that a plate of stickers is provided inside its packaging, allowing you to personalize your bottle as you wish. As always, this bottle comes in a generous 100ml size.

The very refreshing breath of CK One Summer 2021

To design its summer 2021 perfume, the Calvin Klein brand called on the perfumer Clément Gavarry. The latter has chosen to refresh the top notes of this composition with several citrus fruits. CK One Summer 2021 contains lemon and grapefruit in particular. Like a real dip in the sea, it also contains aquatic notes. Then, its heart gradually becomes more fruity. It combines watermelon and rhubarb. The eucalyptus once again gives a breath of fresh air to the whole. Nevertheless, CK One Summer 2021 finally warms up at its base and wraps itself in softness, in a trio of white wood, peach and ambroxan.