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Atelier Cologne Clementine California
Atelier Cologne Clementine California

Clémentine California, the new fresh water from Atelier Cologne

Clementine is a hybrid fruit born from the deliberate crossing of a mandarin tree with a sour orange tree. Unlike mandarin, this one does not contain seeds. It is mainly cultivated in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Italy or Spain. However, Atelier Cologne has chosen to combine its history with that of California. Indeed, the clementine is a fruit soaked in sunshine and can in this sense also evoke this region of the globe. The brand has therefore made a new Cologne whose story tells that of a man madly in love.

Atelier Cologne and omnipresent love

Atelier Cologne is a brand that was born out of a love story. This is that of Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter. He was from Toulouse and she was Franco-Italian, a New Yorker by adoption. It was in New York that they first met, in 2006, and their love affair began. Quickly, they had together a project of making Colognes. The idea was then to give thanks to these Waters which we consider to be the ancestors of our current perfumes. Nevertheless, Colognes have the reputation of lacking tenacity over time. It is therefore on this aspect that the studies of the brand were more particularly focused. Atelier Cologne is thus entirely dedicated to Eaux de Cologne and offers a range with the same hold as that of a perfume extract.

Many of them also tell a story. Also, as it has become a kind of tradition, the new Clémentine California is no exception to the rule. This turns out to be a very romantic scent. Its story is that of a man looking for a cross girl at the bend of a street in Los Angeles. He then searched for her for several months. Although the latter was totally unknown, it seemed impossible to forget her delicate and elegant figure. This young woman embodied for him the perfect beauty, both natural and fresh. It is therefore more precisely an image of this femininity that we find in Clémentine California.

Clémentine California, a mixed and sunny fragrance

Although this description suggests that this is a feminine essence, it is not. Clementine California is a unisex juice made like a sunny day. Thus, this fragrance is directly inspired by the typical warm weather of California. It takes us on a trip to the heart of a citrus grove typical of America. Its flavor opens with a zesty association of clementine, mandarin and juniper fruit. Then everything suddenly heats up and becomes much spicier. Obviously, the Clémentine California woman does not lack character! Its scent lets out aromas of pepper and star anise. The whole thing is also associated with a more aromatic hint of basil. Finally, the whole heats up at the bottom. It is at this moment that Clémentine California further accentuates her masculinity.